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9 Davies Avenue
LL11 5AS
01978 750186
0333 305 1238  
jerry at chesterbroker dot co dot uk

We’re an independent insurance broker near Chester, part of a national network of experienced general and commercial insurance brokers.

We provide Chester, and surrounding areas, with a bespoke service for all commercial trading businesses.

We can conduct a full assessment and audit of your current insurance arrangements and are happy to give you the recommendations for improvements, where needed.

We pride ourselves on a bespoke service, even if you only need an off the shelf policy, we’re happy to help.

If you need more specialised risks, we can also help. Our extensive market lets us help you out with those extra important policies which we can help to home.

As well as general, commercial and other business insurances, we can help with personal travel, Holiday and Executive home cover. We can also provide flexible financing to suit your needs.

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